Who We Are

01Ccs-Logistics Ltd

Expert in precious metals and diamond pickup and delivery

Ccs-Logistics Ltd consists of international groups of team professionals, including freighting, logistics, security, customs clearance and special pickup and delivery operations professionals, who work tireless making sure we deliver swift, smooth, desirable and professional man made service tailored to befit exact specifications and needs of the global luxury goods industry and international banks

Ccs-Logistics Ltd maintain an upright position frontline of industry innovation. Our specialist knowledge, integrated solution technology and world potentiality enables our clients to achieve topmost efficiency when dealing with the shipment of their various valuable assets.

02 Our Vision

Operating with a all-inclusive Global network of partners and associates providing an unmatched level of customer service, Ccs-Logistics Ltd delivers absolute secured and peace of mind for those dealing in Diamonds and Jewelry, Precious Metals, Fine Arts, Special Pickup and delivery Operations and more.

Member of the Cargo Association